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The History Of The T-Shirt, Everything You Need To Know

t shirt timeline
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You’ve probably wondered where t shirt originated?

You won’t find it anywhere in ancient Greek times, nor will you remember any of the ancient writings of history. Of course, the other garments we wear today can be found there.

But at what point has the t-shirt come into the patterns, so permanently that it is part of every person’s daily attire. Can you even count the days when you wouldn’t have a t-shirt on?

The very first t-shirt was invented in the Mexican War in 1898 and in 1913 US navy standard shirts.

That’s when it was called a standard shirt. The saying T-shirt did not appear in the figures until 1920. And in English dictionaries also at the same time.

t shirt timeline

In the 1950s there appeared many companies started making interior design products instead of t shirts with different prints. Back then, the t shirt industry was far from what it is now.

Punk style and music brought neat prints and style to the shirts. The message, graphics and communication. Self-expression.

For them, the t-shirt was a blank canvas with its own message.

This shirt design is so ingrained in our society that it won’t leave for a while. It’s exciting where it’s still evolving and what’s the next t shirt. What features can be added to it? Display? Led lighting? Active cyber-attack protection? Invisibility? Who knows, we look forward to what the future brings to t shirt history!

Nature Theme T shirt

I like to dress in a way that reflects my own hobbies, the things I love. It just feels really good and I also like the way it looks.

“very few know how to design stylish nature t shirts”

Admittedly, such clothes are challenging to find. T shirts are available everywhere but just the shirts I like are hard to find.

Have you experienced the same and frustration at the store when you try to find clothes that suit your style?

Shirts with nature-themed graphics are ugly and cool. Many times they are ugly, but now I have been saved.

I Finally Found The Shirt That I Was Looking For

Namely, I found a store selling really great t-shirts as well as long sleeved shirts,

Their designers like to be in nature. Get inspiration from there and put it on shirts and hats.

I especially liked the colour of the world that prevails in the shirts. Good contrast but not too many colours.

Less Is More In Clothes

The graphics are straightforward and clear. Not too complicated. Simplicity to glory and elegance.

The style of T shirts is timeless and I am able to wear them for many years, unlike some others that are just a little fancy.

High Quality Shirts For Years To Come

I like that my shirts will be my favourite for years to come and that’s why I recommend their shirts to my acquaintances and friends. You will definitely not be disappointed when you order cheap cool shirts from their online store. You can even get free shipping from there!

Please take this tip and leave thanks for the comments. It is enough for me!

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