In less than one minute of uptime and an aluminum hard shell roof. The Kolocamp K1 roof tent has been built with longevity and ease of use in mind. Open your tent and get ready to camp in no time.

Roof Top Tent 2021 for All Car

Why A Car Roof Tent?

See how easy it is to use!

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The tent is built for maximum compatibility with any car.

Roof Top Tent 2021 for All Car

Materials & Construction:

Aluminum Shell.
Heavily utilized in the aerospace industry due to its numerous benefits ranging from being lightweight to its extreme rigidity brought by its well built structure. Easy to transport. Protects you from strong wind.

Doors and Windows.
Team added 3 mesh windows to Rooftop tent to provide you with a 180° field view!

Comfy mattress.
The main component of a room is its bed, good foam mattress to provide you with the comfy, and cozy feeling of a warm bed!

Telescopic Ladder.
With the help of which you can access the kolo from three different windows. Lightweight and fits in a small space for transport.

Dimensions & Weight:

Easy to carry around with just over 72 kg and a height of 15cm when closed, the Rooftop tent provides unique, and cozy housing for 1-3 adventurers anywhere in the world by simulating a very spacious room when fully deployed.

Interior: 210cm L x 140cm W
Exterior: 221cm L x 149cm W
Max Headroom: 148cm when open
Minimum distance front-back between rack crossbars: 76,2cm

What's included:

Rooftop tent Mattress Telescopic Ladder, with own bag Awning Poles Mount accessories, with own bag Anti-thief Wrench Shoes Bag

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